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Executive Director

Austin Brooks

Austin Brooks is the executive director at the Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship. Listen to him speak about the importance of challenging yourself, overcoming failure, and the value of relationships.

Insurance Agent

Rick Marteeny

Rick Marteeny is an insurance agent at State Farm. Listen to him share great advice about his day to day activities, the insurance industry, and more!


Doug Villhard

Doug Villhard is an entrepreneur, and the CEO of Second Street,  a software company located in St. Louis, Missouri.  Listen to him share helpful information about entrepreneurship, valuable traits for employees to have, and making the most of your time in college!

High School Principal

Joseph Lombardi

Joseph Lombardi is the principal of Father McGivney Catholic High School.  Listen to him share valuable advice, and learn about his experiences as a principal, science teacher, and dolphin trainer!

Project Manager

Steven Mitan

Steven Mitan is a project manager at Pharmaceutical Product Development (PPD). Listen to him share great advice about the pharmaceutical industry, project management, his college education, and more!

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